Slay the Spire Catgirl Mod released!

To get back into programming after the end of my vacation I have developed a Slay the Spire mod that contains a new character, the Catgirl! You can download it at the Steam Workshop: It contains 69 new cards, 9 new relics and 1 new character! Thanks everyone who have helped and continue to …

TinyAttack, Music and Sounds

Thank you very much, this is the fruit of everyone’s help! I’ve just released the first public video of TinyAttack with music and sounds. I hope you all appreciate how much work was put in this project, thanks again!

Second Unity3D Tutorial: Singleton

The second tutorial has been released! I will be maintaining the focus on explaining simpler concepts and helping new people into getting in coding. I hope it will be of help to you! Thanks everyone for supporting me, I have no words to explain how much help you all are being. 💙

TinyAttack 0.1.4 Content

As our release pitch comes near, TinyAttack improves by leaps and bounds~ Our most significant improvement was the Whale boss, new art, new animations, it can now spawn randomly on the map, a feast for all senses! New items are coming, as you could see in the previous post, new playable characters! Maybe we will …