Cursory Dungeon

Cursory Dungeon is an action roguelike game designed to be played with only your mouse.
Fire, dodge and prevail through unlikely odds as the game add random rules to your play!


Toranneko is a Tamagotchi-like game where you take care of a little cat folk that is full of love…
But there is more, Toranneko is also a Pomodoro Timer!


TinyAttack is a roguelike game for up to 4 players online, with top-down camera, action combat and pixel art.
Fight hordes of monsters in your way to defeat the Demon Lords and save the world!


Wallslider is an action infinite runner for mobile platforms, help our main character survive the deadliest cave exploration of her life.
Take care for spikes, dodge devilish enemies or slay they all for treasures, be caution of environment hazards and collect gold coins in your way!