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On July we had an idea, a place where LGBTQA could make games to raise awareness and give job to this minority. An egg as we had no income and no project we could show to the public for support.

Now we have 2 projects, one almost finished and the other one in alpha but playable. it’s about time we break the shell of this idea and make it a reallity. How? The Patreon of the studio, with them we can focus more on the projects instead of how to get money to pay for the projects and hire more LGBTQA to work with us, bringing a better situation to this public, and, in the same time, have a more personal approach to the general public, allowing them to receive more updates, even beta version of out games when they are being developed.

So now, the bird has hatched, and we need your help to make them stronger to be able to fly.

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