First TinyBird Game

On days 17 and 18 of september we participated on a 48 hour gameJam, the theme was “Artificial inteligence”.

The game, AI-RPG, that you can download here, is a tatical-rpg where you don’t control your characters, but decide on strategic patterns just like the enemies have. Heal when life is low, attack on certain circustances, revive ally when dead and so on.
The game is incomplete as we had 48 hour to make the best game possible and after that all we did was fix the bugs, so the game has no sounds nor skills descriptions in-game, you can check the descriptions here.

Skills Summary:
Physical Skills
Basic attack – normal attack that consumes no mana.
Thrust – A thrust attack that ignores a little amount of armor, low mana consumption.
Grand Swipe – A swipe of Lina’s spears, huge amount of damage, huge amount of mana needed.
Backstab – Tina’s special attack, ignores all of the enemy defense, high mana consumption.

Magical Skills
Earth Stone – Basic magic attack, low mana consumption
Wind Blast – Stronger magical attack, medium mana consuption

Buff skills
First aid: Tina’s self heal skill, medium mana consumption
Heal: Mira’s support skills, can heal any ally.
Revive: Using it’s owns way, revive makes an ko’d ally back to battle.

Credits on download page:

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