Procgen map: Wastelands

The newest map that has been brewing in the procgen factory is the Wastelands! It will be defined by a lot of narrow paths, obstacles and a sadder look than the current Greenlands. The last image in the album is a mockup of how it might look like at the end. Thanks again for your …

Unity3D Tutorials: Interfaces In today’s tutorial you will learn what and how to use Interfaces, a powerful tool for coders that want to apply multiple forms and use to different objects. The project even contains some programmer eye-candy!  Thanks for your continued support <3

Toranneko released!

A new TinyBird Game has been released! Toranneko is a mix of a tamagotchi game and a pomodoro timer, take care of a lovely little cat while they take care of your time. 💙 Thanks everyone for making this possible!

TinyBirdNet 2.0.0.a1 Released!

I’ve released an update to TinyBirdNet. It contains an extreme lot of bug fixes. Server ticks implemented. State Updates are now merged and sent together. Easier to handle controllers. Faster and more stable! Remember that TinyBirdNet is free for non-commercial projects.

TinyAttack, Music and Sounds

Thank you very much, this is the fruit of everyone’s help! I’ve just released the first public video of TinyAttack with music and sounds. I hope you all appreciate how much work was put in this project, thanks again!