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First Weekend Post – Tools used for tiles

Hello and welcome to our first Weekend Post! In those posts I will try to talk about anything related to game development, of course those will probably be our own experiences and I hope this will be interesting for you. Today’s post is about how we make our tileset, mostly about the tools and workflow …

TinyAttack Graphic Overhaul

We are happy to show you the first images of the new graphics for our title TinyAttack! With this we hope to turn a new page on it’s development, bringing you more interesting content and more news. Keep tuned on our Patreon for more news:

Our Patreon is here!

On July we had an idea, a place where LGBTQA could make games to raise awareness and give job to this minority. An egg as we had no income and no project we could show to the public for support. Now we have 2 projects, one almost finished and the other one in alpha but …