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Discord roles added to rewards

Rewards from “Helpful Bird” and forward will receive the “Patron” role at our Discord server, allowing them access to secret channels where you can better communicate with us and have better access to our development and builds. See you there!

First Weekend Post

We will be creating a new post at weekends sharing our experience with game development, this is our first series where we talk about our workflow in creating new tiles. Hope you have a good read!

Improved Skill System for TinyAttack

In today’s post we would like to introduce you a great improvement to the current TinyAttack’s skill system. Firstly, skills that require channeling time have received a lot of new options and have better scripting overall, the image above represents the archer’s Violent Shoot skill, that has maximum charge time and a minimum charge time, …

TinyAttack Video (Development) Hello everyone! In our first post we are happy to show how TinyAttack is going. It’s still in the early stage of development as we worked on it for only 5 days, but we already have an online multiplayer working! We are using Unity 5.4 and it’s Network HLAPI, there’s still a lot of …

TinyAttack Development Stream (Claíomh Solais)

Welcome to our first development stream! In this video we will show you how we go through the process of adding a new fully functional item in our game.Claíomh Solais is a legendary tier item that has a chance of spawning a circle of swords of light that damages every enemy near. This is only …