TinyAttack Trailer

Sorry for being missing! I’m actually been very active in social media but after going on vacation I have completely forgot to update the Patreon. Sorry!!!

So I’ve finished putting together a video of TinyAttack and I’m in the process of looking for potential investors, been talking to some people in the game industry but it’s been a long and slow process.

Currently I’m in the United States, visiting my gf and so I’m not able to work directly on the game, but I’ve been going on the previous mentioned process. So this is my vacation I guess?

There is always a chance nothing is solved tho and I need to open a kickstarter, but I hope it won’t reach that point, to be honest kickstarter scares me…

Thanks again for everyone for helping my dreams! I have no words to explain how grateful I am.

I hope TinyAttack turns out to be a game good enough to show my gratitude to you all.

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