TinyAttack Roadmap

Long time no see!

Sorry everyone, if you accompany my twitter you might known I’m currently moving to a new house, almost everything is already here, but constant trips to grab things and all the paperwork for moving have left me without time nor energy…

Anyway, I’ve decided on explaining what I have in mind for the future of TinyAttack for all to see~

I predict lots of riches for me in the future!

S-sorry… Actually I’ve been moving toward to make TinyAttack more procgen “accessible”, what does this mean?

Mostly that in the immediate future I will be using procgen to generate the maps layouts and then I will finish them by hand, this will allow a more diversity and natural map flow while not needing huge amounts of time for a full functional procedural generation system. But that also means that if we do end up having the workforce for it in the future, implementing fully random maps will be easier!

So, each level will have several maps that uses the same theme, so at Grasslands (first stage) you might find yourself in a few different layouts, keeping the re-playability to some extent. (Remember that items and portal locations are still completely random)

Second, but actually what I will be working first (so why not post first? Dunno?!), it’s about a revamp on the tileset.

Currently the tileset contains too much “partial collisions”, as in, tiles that you can move on a part of it, I will be changing most of the tileset to a full binary collision, so you either can move into a tile or not.

I believe this will make the gameplay smoother and fixes a lot of collision bugs that while extremely rare, can completely ruin a playthrough.

Third, networking! I’ve been working on doing a networking system for unity on top of LiteNetLib, this will mostly remove all bugs and problems related to unet! While still non fully functional, you can track it’s progress here: https://github.com/Saishy/TinyBirdNet-Unity

That is it everyone! Again, many thanks for your support, I can’t even imagine where I would be if not for you all, really thanks!!! 💙

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