TinyAttack Dev Video 07

Welcome to another dev log, where I post videos without sound and complain about gamedev!

In today’s log I’m happy to announce I’ve reached an acceptable milestone with the AI, it’s not as utterly broken as it was, but it’s also not the best thing we could have I guess. (It’s the best I can currently do tho, sorry!!!)

I just did some refactors in the current AI states and introduced a new one called “Combat”, enemies enter that state when they are in range of attacking you, at that state they will move to a position near you and attempt to attack. Moving away from them will get them back to the Chasing state.

All those enemies in the video have an aggressiveness of 4, in a scale from 0 to 10. I’m thinking of introducing slightly random variations of aggressiveness on enemies that spawn too, but I guess I do need more variations of enemies before any real test…

Our artist, Giulia, is currently on a trip so we not getting new arts for a while… I miss you chuu, come back </3

I think we might be nearing our first playable area tho?? I mean, we need a few more enemies, making gold actually do something and introducing the boss, but… well I guess there is still a lot of work… *cries in gamedev*

Thanks a lot for reading and many chirps to everyone 💙

– Saishy (I will make Chuu do one of those logs someday!)

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