TinyAttack Dev Video 03

At this point problems like the shaking of enemies and range of attacks seems to be fixed.
Also fixed an annoying subpixel problem when dealing with prefabs made of multiple sprites!
And lastly, the initial fix to the enemy overlapping problem is in, still needs some adjusts but it kinda works already!

So the main point of this iteration was addressing a common complain, “the movement speed is too slow”:

– The Knight’s movement speed has been changed from 3 units per second to 3.4375 units per second.
– Every enemy’s movement speed was also changed to fit the player’s new speed.

What this test shows me currently is basically that it looks horrible.
This is not a pure hack’n’slash game, it’s a rogue-lite where you need to keep in constant movement and avoid bad moves while still trying to kill the enemies.

I also know we are too early in development to even reach any kind of conclusion, we needs more kinds of different enemies and some improvement to the AI…

Thanks everyone for reading today’s rambling!

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