The sick dev update

Hi everyone, Saishy here again~

So it’s time for another dev log video but I’ve got bedridden due to sickness, still don’t know what is yet, but don’t seem to be anything greater than a cold. Sorry!

So lately I’ve been working in a lot of small things and manly sleeping, sleeping almost all day actually…
And it’s not like I have anything to do in my room besides working at TinyAttack I guess?

So the things I’ve worked, from memory I guess the hit effects, floating damage text (the one for critical on the post’s image), moving damage calculation to client-side, improvement on damage location hits, modified the grasslands level to fit the first boss, turned on obj pooling for non networked objects, also finally implemented and turned on the difficult scaling over time! Woa, all those things pilled up uh?!

But I do think a lot of them can’t be shown in a video as it’s just internal calculations, sucks to be a programmer~

So, stay tuned in and don’t miss when I post the next Dev Video!

Bye bye!

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