Knight Finished!

So finally, the Knight character has been finished! I mean, at least all of his skills I guess?

So, today’s gameplay gif shows all you already knew, cool slashes, sick charges, perfect block…
But not you also get to know the Knight’s ultimate skill! It summons four magic shields that rotate around you, upon hitting an enemy they will deal low damage and provide you with temporary health, they also break after five hits.

For those who noticed, yeah that is a onhit effect! Eventually they will have different graphics for each type of damage, but for now they will all share the blunt hit effect. For those who didn’t, that is the new onhit effect!

The Gunslinger character has also been finished, and I will be showing them at the next post, but that one will be exclusive for patrons for a time.

Thanks for those who are helping me, and if you are not a patron already, please become one!

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