Improved Skill System for TinyAttack

In today’s post we would like to introduce you a great improvement to the current TinyAttack’s skill system.

Firstly, skills that require channeling time have received a lot of new options and have better scripting overall, the image above represents the archer’s Violent Shoot skill, that has maximum charge time and a minimum charge time, allowing you to cancel the skill before reaching the threshold without
triggering it’s cooldown.

Skills may also now be able to choose if they can be fired on hold or not, meaning you can hold down the fire button to release a skill as soon as it becomes available every time.

A demonstration can be found here:

One of the changes allowed us to do a skill that can be fired as fast as you can press the button, but don’t allow you to just hold down the button for it.

This is implemented in our new class, Gunslinger:

We would also like to remember that all graphics are placeholders as we await the awesome sprites from our artists.

Until next time!

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