Gunslinger Reveal!

Today is Gunslinger time! Meet our new character in all of their glory.

The Gunslinger is a character specialized in doing high damage to a single target, tho still capable of hitting multiple targets with her ultimate. The Gunslinger also have a lower health and regeneration than other characters, so please treat them with care!

The first and second skill fires one weapon which, both guns share a bullet mechanics you can see above the skill bar, each shot will cost one bullet and once out of bullets you can’t fire anymore. Bullets rapidly regenerate after some time while not firing.

The third skill is a roll, while rolling you will dodge incoming attacks, when the roll finishes you will also instantly gain 6 bullets.

The fourth skill, the ultimate, allows you to throw a pouch full of gunpowder which acts as a sticky bomb. The bomb explodes after 5s but upon firing at a target with a bomb stuck to them you will make it explode 1.5s earlier while granting it a bonus damage. The explosion deals damage and knockbacks all targets in the area.

And lasty, sorry it seems the gif recording bugged at some points, but worry not that an alpha release will be available soon for all patreons of the corresponding tier!

Thanks again for reading, Saishy out!

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