Blog Post 23 Aug 20 – Decisions

Hello everyone! How y’all doing? Ha, jokes! I know we are in the middle of a pandemic.

Since last post a lot of things happened in the game, for one I decided to change how boss fights happen in their entirely.
Now boss fights will happen in special arenas specifically tailored to them, this mean the fights will have less uncontrollable elements and it’s a huge load out of my shoulder when designing their fights.

Now after surviving the portal timer, you can use the portal again to teleport to the boss arena.
After defeating the boss a rift will appear, and upon entering it you go to the next stage.

This also allows you to decide if you want to walk around the map and grab more items, but remember that the time still passes while you do it, and the boss you will fight will increase in power the longer you wait to face it.

The new boss I’m designing is a giant enemy crab!

I’ve also hurt my wrist and that slowed my work a lot, I ordered a vertical mouse to see if it helps but the postal service is on a strike here in Brazil. So that’s also going great I guess!

The last current obstacle would be that the dollar is waaaay too expensive here, going for almost 1 USD to 6 BRL.
This mean I can’t and haven’t been hiring anyone internationally, and that really cut me lots of options. I will prob even start hiring some commissions outside of queer folks.

Again, thanks everyone who has been supporting me, nothing would be possible without you all. 💙


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