Blog Post 06 Apr 20 – Quarantine

Hello to all new readers and welcome back to patrons!

This is my first post after the quarantine started, how has it been treating u all?
Me? I’ve been feeling sick all day and super low energy, anxiety is at maximum I guess.

There is just so much going wrong, and so much that can go wrong, it’s hard to not be anxious during those times right? But I’m trying to keep sane by talking with people and being busy with anything, games, work, reading, etc.

Don’t feel down if you can’t be productive during quarantine, it’s a heavy burden on everyone and your mind is not okay right now! Don’t press yourself, please!

I am trying to do a short shmup game where I want to implement some kind of multiplayer io-eske, nothing grand, u just play it and other people help your run.

I’m learning a lot about shmup games and will probably do a tutorial later on the way I achieved it, there seems to be lots of ways to do one it seems.

In regards to TinyAttack, I’ve started integrating my networking library, TinyBirdNet, into it, and I it will take some time to make it net playable, and unfortunately during this time there will be nothing really visual I can show you all.
I mean, I am literally making the game be playable the same way it is now, but online, so nothing will change, sorry about that!

Thanks everyone for allowing me to pursuit my dream in those difficult times! 💙
Please stay well!


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