A chirp to our community

So, what is currently going on at TinyBird?

Hi everyone, I’m Saishy and I’m doing a post about some things that are happening at TinyBird Games right now.

Currently our Lead Artist, Giulia Yamasaki, is still working on the enemies for TinyAttack. You can check some previews at our patreon if you are a patron.
 She is also going to showcase her project, Bedtime Fright, at the BIG  festival here in Brazil! Please show your support if you can 💙

 And I am finishing up things with my last contractor, Omniconnection,  in developing Grimoire: Manastorm, available at Steam! Also 10% of the  profit from it will go to us so if you like the game please buy it and  support us!

Besides that I’m also learning about AI, specially  the movement part, the whole horde of enemies thing is very important to  TinyAttack but the current movement type ends up creating clusters of  enemies that I think makes the game less enjoyable.

We are always  giving our best working at TinyBird Games, I’m aware our communication  has not been great and I’m looking for ways to fix it, but remember we  are always here for the community.

Thanks everyone!

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